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How to Check Abandoned Carts on Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide


Cart abandonment is a significant issue that plagues the e-commerce industry. It refers to the phenomenon where potential customers add items to their online shopping carts but leave the store without completing the purchase. This can be frustrating for online retailers as it means lost sales and missed opportunities.

In fact, statistics show that the average cart abandonment rate across e-commerce platforms is around 80%, highlighting the urgency for businesses to tackle this problem. As a merchant, this can mean up to 4x your monthly sales in abandoned carts.

However, by understanding why customers abandon their carts and implementing effective strategies to reduce cart abandonment, businesses can optimize their website, improve the shopping experience, and ultimately boost their revenue potential.

Understanding Abandoned Carts

The reasons behind cart abandonment are varied and complex. Some customers may simply be browsing or comparing prices, while others may abandon to ask a friends opinion. Others may be deterred by unexpected shipping costs, a complicated checkout process, or concerns about payment security.

What does that mean to your business?

If your store is doing $100k monthly in sales means about $400k in abandoned carts. Getting just 1% of those abandoned carts would mean a 4% increase in monthly revenue. 

Calculate your potential...

The Importance of Tracking Abandoned Carts


Monitoring abandoned carts on Shopify is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to gain valuable insights into customer behavior. By understanding why your customers abandon their carts, you can make informed decisions to optimize the website and improve the overall shopping experience. Additionally, tracking abandoned carts enables you to identify re-targeting opportunities. By reaching out to your customers who have abandoned their carts, through targeted email campaigns for example, you can entice them to return and complete their purchase.

In order to effectively track abandoned carts on Shopify, it is essential to set up the necessary tools and features. Shopify provides a step-by-step guide to enable abandoned cart tracking, which allows businesses to easily locate and analyze the data. It is also important to set up an abandoned cart email sequence, which automatically sends personalized emails to customers who have left items in their carts.

How to Check Abandoned Carts in Shopify

Step-by-step guide on enabling abandoned cart tracking in Shopify. Shopify has also introduced a new abandoned checkout automation tool to help. 

Review your abandoned checkouts

You can review your abandoned checkouts to find patterns that might suggest why your customers aren't completing orders.

Abandoned checkouts are saved in the Shopify admin for three months. Every Monday, abandoned checkouts that are older than three months are removed from your admin.


    1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

    2. Click Abandoned checkouts.

This is just the first step. Learning what's causing the abandonment helps identify tools and strategies to capture that revenue. 

Strategies and Tools for Reducing Cart Abandonment

To further enhance abandoned cart recovery efforts, there are several tools available. Shopify apps like Cartpinion can help reduce abandonment, by keeping customer engaged on your site. While third-party tools offer advanced analytics to gain deeper insights into your customer behavior. These tools empower you with the information they need to make data-driven decisions and optimize their recovery strategies.

Implementing strategies to reduce cart abandonment is crucial for improving conversion rates and driving revenue. Additionally, utilizing exit-intent pop-ups can capture the attention of potential customers who are about to leave the website, providing them with compelling reasons to stay and make a purchase.


In conclusion, cart abandonment is a prevalent issue in e-commerce that cannot be ignored. Monitoring abandoned carts on Shopify is essential for you to gain valuable insights, identify re-targeting opportunities, and improve conversion rates. By setting up the necessary tools, analyzing the data, and implementing effective recovery strategies, you can significantly reduce cart abandonment and boost their overall sales. So, it's time to take action and make the most out of your Shopify store by recovering those abandoned carts and maximizing your revenue potential.