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The #1 Social Shopping App to Lower Cart Abandonment on Your Shopify Store

30% of shoppers seek friends’ opinions before making a purchase.

Cartpinion gets your customers these opinions directly in your store before they abandon their cart, giving them the confidence they need to purchase.

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Empower your shoppers with the social proof they need to purchase, without leaving your store

Invite Friends to Help Shop

  1. Cartpinion lives right in your store. Customers won't leave your site when they want to ask friends for shopping advice.
  2. It's easy to share with all the same apps your customers already use.
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Your Customers’ Friends Are Invited To Your Store

  1. Friends can easily leave their thoughts right in the shared cart
  2. When your customers share, their friends see your store too. Great way to win new customers!
  3. Turn your customers' friends into your next shoppers!
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Your Customer Seamlessly Returns to Checkout

  1. After getting advice, customers can buy instantly.
  2. Make Cartpinion look like your store! You can change colors and words to match your brand.
  3. Get more sales when shoppers bring their friends along!
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Benefits for You


Reduce cart abandonment and increase sales

Instantly give shoppers the opinions they need from friends and families to prevent cart abandonment and drive more sales.

Lower customer acquisition costs
Convert potential cart abandonments before they happen. 
Streamline feedback
Keep the focus on your shopping cart by streamlining and centralizing feedback directly in your Shopify store.
Lower returns

Increase purchase confidence with social validation.

Acquire new marketing contacts

Get more potential customers through the opinions shared via Cartpinion.

Collect richer data points

Surface insights from 1-on-1 product feedback and opinions between shoppers and their networks. 

Benefits for Your Shoppers


Easily collect and view opinions from friends

Instantly give shoppers the opinions they need from friends and families to prevent cart abandonment and drive more sales.

Seamless sharing

Let shoppers share carts with friends and family with the click of a button.

Consolidated feedback
All opinions and feedback are consolidated in one place.
Get notifications on opinions
Shoppers get notifications when they get a Cartpinion.
More purchase confidence

Less back-and-forth and hesitation with instant social validation.

A smoother shopping experience

A faster, easier way to get opinions and reduce instances of buyer's remorse.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

Don't just recover abandoned carts– intercept them.

Boost Purchase Confidence

Surface fast opinions from friends & family in your Shopify store.

Optimize Path-to-Purchase

Speed up and centralize feedback for faster conversions. 

Reduce Acquisition Cost

Gain new customers without discounts and retargeting.

  • No Subscription Fee
  • Pay Only $1 Per Conversion
  • Built for Shopify

"I've seen a significant increase in engagement since implementing Cartpinion on my Shopify store. The social shopping effect has increased conversions!"

Jenn S.
Marketing Manager

"We've seen an increase in customer engagement and sales since implementing the app. It's user-friendly, seamlessly integrated with our Shopify store. Highly recommend!"

Gary C.
Store Owner


Get started with Cartpinion today and jump start your Shopify store!

Engage your customers, drive sales, and gain valuable insights with Cartpinion. Discover all the powerful features that can take your store to the next level.